What’s in the lunch box of our event sales executive, Hannah Felton?

14 September 2016

Dream events are made by people, not just websites, proposals or kit and liquor sheets. Every month we get our team to make us lunch to show off their skills and keep our minds fresh in the conferencing market. Lunch is a way of life.

Hannah has been in our team for the last year. She looks after our clients, from their first phone call through to their tastings and initial planning. Hannah has also spent the summer working on some larger projects, like our mammoth event at Silverstone for the Great British Grand Prix.

We gave Hannah the chance to make us lunch….

She sought inspiration from her favourite coffee shop ‘Tap Coffee’ to show us a twist on the sandwich. Her mini samples were filled with broad bean pate, smoked duck, quince marmalade (legend) and chicken & sundried tommies. We are a massive fan of her wrapping too. Sandwiches re-invented…good girl!

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